Reviews from our Customers



Organic Sage Green Waffle Washcloths

These washcloths are a beautiful shade of pale sage green. I love knowing they were colored without the use of harsh chemicals. These are quite a bit thinner than the other waffle weave towels and cloths but the beautiful color is well worth the trade off. These are well made, soft, absorbent, and dry quickly.


Organic Reusable Chemex Coffee Filter

This is the BEST filter I have used so far! I highly recommend these! I actually use these filters on half-gallon mason jars (I hold the filter in place with a rubber band) to make coffee as well. Simply a wonderful product from a wonderful shop!


Organic Birdseye Unpaper Towels

I am so excited to start saving money and the environment by using this product. These towels are super absorbent - more so than a paper towel and are very good quality. Even my father, who likes to use one-use paper/plastic products is excited about them.