Organic Cotton Hankerchiefs


Organic Cotton Hankerchiefs

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Existing long before disposable facial tissues, reusable handkerchiefs have benefited people for centuries. Not only are they more economical in the long run, but they are also healthier, they produce less dust, and they’re a great method of paper conservation. Handkerchiefs are a great alternative for everyone, men, women, and children, especially those with allergies. Become a trend setter to help conserve the earth's environment.


  • Sizes Available:
    • 8 x 8 inches (20.32 X 20.32 cm) approx.
    • 10 10 inches (26 X 26 cm) approx.
    • 14 X 14 inches (35.56 X 35.56) approx. 
  • Organic GOTS certified unbleached cotton prewashed muslin.
  • Finished edges serged with eggshell color polyester thread
  • Care: Wash with mild/eco-friendly detergent. Pre-soak: Fill a small bucket with some water. Add some baking soda if desired. Place used handkerchiefs into bucket and let soak until day of washing.

Other uses:

  • Facial cloth
  • Dish cloth

All products are hand made by Natural Linens Boutique here in the United States.

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