Organic Unpaper Towels

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Organic Unpaper Towels

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We know chucking the paper towels can be a difficult thing to do, especially when those endless rolls are so accessible and easy to use! But never fear—our unpaper towels have the edge on bleached paper towel. Not only are they healthier, but also the special weave of the birdseye cotton makes it significantly more absorbent than a disposable paper towel! Plus, you can reuse them for years. Pretty much anything worthwhile will get better with age, and after multiple washes, these towels will become softer and even more absorbent. If you are looking to transition to a simpler and more sustainable lifestyle, wanting to include a safer product for your family, or if you’re looking to save money for things that are more important than the landfill, consider these towels as your next step. They’re a wonderful choice to include eco friendly linens in your home. And they’re not just for home use either—they’re great napkins for lunchboxes and restaurant tables, as well as towels for office bathrooms. Leave some in the car or in your diaper bag and you are sure to have a use for them.


  • Measures 11 X 11” (28.5 X 28.5 cm) approx; shrinks to 10 X 10¾” approx
  • Corners rounded; overlocked edges
  • Organic GOTS certified unbleached cotton birdseye; organic cotton thread
  • Wash with like colors; soak in oxygen bleach to help maintain freshness
  • Care: Wash with with like colours in cold water and mild detergent and without fabric softeners

Our unpaper towels have a multitude of uses:

  • washing dishes
  • drying dishes
  • napkins
  • wiping hands
  • wiping dirty faces
  • cleaning up counters and tables
  • washing mirrors and windows
  • as handkerchiefs

Natural Linens Organic Un paper towels listed in Crissy Trask's 2013 book "Go Green, Spend Less, Live Better",as a money saving alternative for paper napkins!


All products are hand made by Natural Linens here in the United States.

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