Organic Coffee Filters - Cone


Organic Coffee Filters - Cone

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There’s nothing like the rich aroma of brewing coffee upon rising in the morning. Why not make your coffee eco-friendly too? Our 100% Organic unbleached cotton reusable coffee filters are healthier than paper filters, and they also help save money and help conserve the environment.

To use, simply place the cone style filter in the coffee basket and add your coffee grinds. Once the coffee has brewed, rinse off the wet coffee grinds and let the filter dry. Be sure to compost your coffee grinds or add a little to your plants—they makes a great fertilizer!


• Fits size 1, 2, 4  and 6 (1, 2, 4, 6 cup) cone-style coffeemakers (select below)
• Fits Melitta, Krups, Braun, Oster, Salton and all other #1, #2, or #4 cone coffeemakers
• Seams overlocked (serged)
• Organic GOTS certified unbleached cotton muslin, Organic cotton thread
• Care: Rinse and let dry

All products are hand made by Natural Linens here in the United States.

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