Calendula Hydrosol Facial Tonic 1 oz

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Calendula Hydrosol Facial Tonic 1 oz


Studies have shown the amazing wound healing properties of Calendula. Besides soothing and calming this whole plant supports the anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and antioxidant benefits to skin that has been known to contribute to wound healing. For centuries, the beautiful Calendula flower have been used to treat various clinical dermatological conditions. Needless to say, this hydrosol is one we love and use often. There have even been studies with Calendula (lotion) and the effects of radiation, so that's nice to have a little science behind it. 

Benefits  and How to Use   

TSF hydrosol is gentle, balancing, and restorative + can be used for all skin types. Misting often helps saturate the skin, restore and balance pH, and protect the skin from pollution and its harmful effects. 

Carry our 1 oz size tonic in your handbag and continue to mist midday/post-work/any time you need a dewy refresher.  

What is a Hydrosol?    

Hydrosols are an aqueous product of steam/hydro distillation of fresh leaves, fruits, flower and other plant materials. In this case -


100% Calendula officinalis

1 oz/30 ML glass bottle with spray top. Bottle only without box will be mailed out.

Made in Arizona.

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