In 2011, Natural Linens Boutique opened its doors with a vision to promote eco-friendly and sustainable living. As the business expands, I continue to place an emphasis on functionality and simplicity.

The simple ways have always been an attraction to me personally, and I marvel at the effective traditions taught to me by my parents from the Old World: the recipes passed down, the simple methods, the simple pastimes, the simple items around the home.  What’s more, I enjoy discovering new ways to carry on that spirit of sustainability and eco-friendly living.

As a business owner, that means the Old World vision isn’t confined just to my  personal lifestyle, but I also practice this in both as a maker and as a merchant.  As a maker, I apply minimalist business methods.  As a merchant, I encourage others to live sustainably by offering a range of functional durable and reusable household items. Each piece in my Reusable product line is handcrafted from organic fabric.

With every new product idea, and with the many conversations I have with my wholesale and custom order clients, the journey continually amazes me.  At Natural Linens Boutique I seek to create a harmony between practicing self-sustaining methods and helping others to preserve the environment by making these methods more accessible to those all around.