Organic Cotton Produce Bag - Small

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Organic Cotton Produce Bag - Small

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100% All Organic Produce Bag Reusable -- Organic unbleached Cotton Muslin, Organic cotton thread and organic cotton drawstring, bleach free and glue free!

Looking to replace plastic produce bags with a sturdy 100% organic cotton bag? We have a great alternative bag to help you out to help you move zero waste. We care about the materials that go into each product, especially with food-related items. 

• Measures 10W X 10H" inches approximately, with square bottom
• Inside seams overlocked (serged) to prevent fraying
• Organic GOTS certified unbleached cotton muslin
• Organic unbleached cotton thread
• Organic GOTS certified unbleached cotton twill tape for drawstring
• Care: Rinse, or wash with mild soap between uses. Let dry
• Glue free, bleach free, 

Other Options
• Cheese bag for making cheese making
• Cold press coffee making
• Tea making for very large pot
• Storing produce
• Sandwich bag or snack bag
• Gift bags

All products are hand made by Natural Linens here in the United States.

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