Calming Lavender, Set of 2


Calming Lavender, Set of 2


This Calming Lavender soap is beautiful for the hands and face because it includes organic ingredients and does not contain any dyes or preservatives. With each whiff of lavender graced with that gentle chèvre scent, you may notice yourself inhaling deeper and deeper to draw everything in. As you run the water over the bar, the five different oils, including coconut and olive oil, join hands with fresh Nubian goat milk to produce that silky smooth texture which caresses your face and hands. Indeed, such is far more than simply soap.

Every time you use natural goat soap, you benefit your skin in a number of ways.

•    Goat milk contains vitamin E, which is extremely beneficial for skin health
•    Goat milk gives the skin a youthful flair by using its lactic acid to help destroy dead skin cells
•    Contrary to chemical-laden water-based soaps, whose harsh chemicals damage skin instead of simply destroying dead cells
•    Goat milk's anti-bacterial properties, make it beneficial in treating skin conditions like acne

•    Weight: 2.5-3.1 oz. (each bar is hand-cut and varies slightly in weight)
•    Size: 2.75” diameter approx.; 0.875” thickness, approx.
•    Ingredients: coconut oil, palm oil, Nubian goat milk, canola oil, olive oil, sodium hydroxide, organic Lavender buds**, organic Lavender essential oil, castor oil.
•    Care: Store in a dry soap-dish with water drainage for a long-lasting bar

This listing is for a set of two  bars of Lavender Goat Milk Soap.  Comes with a wooden soap deck.

Made in Arizona


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