Organic Tea Bags

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Organic Tea Bags

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Yes, it’s actually possible to make your favorite cup of tea even better—go paperless! We love these 100% organic cotton reusable tea bags. Constructed with all organic and unbleached materials, they’re made to serve you for years. Simply place the loose leaf tea in the bag, and fold over the envelope enclosure. The 3"x4" size easily holds 4 teaspoons of loose tea, so it’s perfect for large pots, but can also be used for single cups.

PRODUCT INFORMATION (both sizes, select below):

  • Standard: 3" X 4" (7.62 X 10.16 cm)
  • Inside seams overlocked (serged)
  • Organic GOTS certified unbleached cotton muslin, organic cotton thread
  • Care: Rinse, or wash with mild soap between uses. Let dry.

Other Uses:

  • tea bag using loose cut & sifted herbs for herbal bath
  • sachet filled with favorite scented dried flowers or herbs
  • great mini snack bag for at least ¼ cup nuts, raisins, etc.
  • poultices for healing
  • small gift bag
  • holding soap nuts for your laundry washing
  • Ice pack filled with ice cubes for soothing bruises


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All products are hand made by Natural Linens here in the United States.

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